I used to write for the Photographic Trader – a swap-meet magazine for photo enthusiasts here in Australia. And they paid me for it. It was a glorious time – I got to spout wisecracks for money.

The PT is long gone – victim of the internet and postage costs. Fortunately I’ve saved a few articles from it for my blog…Such as the Q&A.

Q: Why is photography such an expensive hobby?

A: I have no idea. I’ll put the question to people who race hot rods, fly light planes, and sail yachts. I’ll get back to you.

Q: None of my pictures look like the ones made by Ansel Adams. Why?

A: You aren’t Ansel Adams. He was. He used up all the Ansel Adams pictures first.

Q: Why does Ken Rockwell purport to hate bricks and mortar camera stores?

A: For the soundest of financial reasons…

Q: Are all your answers as cynical as the last one?

A: No. If you had asked me whether I thought that he loved his wife and family I should have said “Yes”.

Q: Are camera clubs good for photography?

A; Yes and no. They are good to stun the subject with before exposure but can be cumbersome to pack into a gadget bag. A small two-edged dagger is easier to conceal and quieter in use. Study an anatomy diagram so that the blade is not deflected by a major bone.

Q: Is clinical photography easy to do?

A: Again yes and no. Some precautions are necessary. Proctologists and ENT surgeons should not share equipment.





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