When Your Feet Hurt, Your Brain Hurts

FeetStanding is a good idea if you are in metre of muddy water. Standing behind a shop counter all day is not – eventually your feet hurt. Even if there is something good happening eventually gravity wins – and your mind set shifts downwards from the intellectual or commercial to the physical.

People who engage you as staff should realise this and provide some form of floor cushioning and temporary seating for the off times – it can increase staff concentration and dedication no end.

Likewise, clients who engage sales staff when they themselves have come fresh from the coffee shop or a restful afternoon nap – and come equipped with a fortnight’s worth of curly questions derived from the internet – would do well to remember that at some point the aching dogs will take over and the sales people will become unresponsive. Even your cleverest behaviour will fail to move them and if you are counting on your personal charm to lower a price, it will not be perceived.

On a more sinister note, some clients may feel that if they can wear down the staff enough, fatigue will give them an economic victory. A mean trick, that – and easily seen through. Not likely to work. And at the back of the mind is the thought that one way to relieve a sore and tingling foot is to haul off and drive it forcibly up the jacksie of the tormentor. Near closing time the appeal gets stronger and stronger…


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