The Biggest Aspidistra In The World


Gracey Fields sang that and I urge you all to google it for the sheer insane humour of it. Keep that smile on your face – you’ll need it if you are going to be in the photo business.

Well, not the business exactly. If you want to be in the photo game – either side of the counter. You’ll need it when you the advertisements for new equipment mount up and you start to lose contact with reality.

Canon make a superb digital camera called the EOS 5D Mk III that the enthusiast can use to take every class of photo – armed with a good Canon or Sigma lens you could conquer the known world, or Canberra. They further improved it by adding an impossibly divided sensor and ended up with the 5Ds and 5Dsr – machines that are every bit as good as big medium-format cameras. But at a considerably higher cost than their plainer cousin.

Imagine my consternation at receiving a phone call from a person who had never used a digital camera enquiring about one of the 5Ds or 5Dsr cameras for home use. He wanted to take pictures of documents. No amount of gentle persuasion would convince him that he has contemplating the use of a photographic sledgehammer on a photographic mosquito. He had read the internet and he had the money and he deserved the best. And he will spend himself into a position of not getting the job done at all…

We all desire the best, but we need to realise that the best for someone else may not be the best for us. I might admire the 1936 Type C Auto Union car but it would be a poor choice for me as a grocery getter. My Suzuki Swift is the deal.

Please, Guys. If you can’t fly yet, don’t leap off the cliff. Hop around on level ground a bit first.

Heading Image: Flars. Not aspidestrae but flars nevertheless.

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