Mwa hahahahaha…

franklin001Sorry about that. It just slipped out. And the rubbing the hands together and the hunched shoulders. All accidental. Nothing to see here – move right along.

I have just wound up my job as a salesman for an local camera shop – October 1 starts a period of home duties, personal refurbishment, and new adventures. I cannot say if there will be employment in the future in shops or other people’s offices but I will certainly be using my photographic studio much more. And you’ll see more on this blog of what one can do in the studio.

The Mwa – hah etc. was because I have also been busily engaged in the shop in writing advertisements, taking illustrative shots, and blog posts. It’s gotten up to several good columns a day and the readership is pretty steady – and it all stopped on the 1st of October…

Now what I am hoping for is a general cry of anguish from the readers and subsequent  tearful demands that I continue writing for the shop – this can be done from home or my studio and can probably be done to a higher standard*. Certainly the illustrations would be far better as the small product box at work was a very limiting lighting environment. Plus one can write far better columns if there is no telephone or Tannoy screeching in the ear every minute.

We shall see if the offer to continue the publicity work is taken up – or whether another star rises in my place. If nothing else, the period spent writing hack work was good training for…for…for writing more hack work.

  • The trick is to write a good low standard first…

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