The Newest Of The Newest Of the New


Getting to play with the newest product from a manufacturer is always interesting, provided the maker isn’t the Lawrence Livermore labs or Amalgamated Mustard Gas Incorporated.

One day one of the major makers of minor cameras sent their representative to the shop to conduct a 3-hour display of a new camera for mirror-less users. It looked to be well and thoughtfully made – small but sophisticated. And I think the designers have started to grow out of their earlier fixation with tiny controls – they realised that big people have big fingers and those fingers need to hit decent-sized buttons and wheels.

It will sell well – though the salespeople will need to make sure that the potential buyers know the differences in the range of products from the maker – they can look a little same-same if you just glance.

I was impressed with the idea of these small personal presentations – it was advertised and drew a healthy crowd of lookers. Perhaps even more real clients than the flashier presentations held after hours in the various ethanoleries round town. There were no offers of freebies save the knowledge and hands-on feel. But the lookers were keen.


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