The Photo Safari For Those Who Will Not Travel

Singapore 2014 564Many of the clients of the camera store where I worked went on safaris to Africa. They hoped to experience wildlife without experiencing wild life. To this end they surrounded themselves with armed guards and burley tour guides. And then sniped at the animals with long telephoto lenses. In this we could only approve – the animals probably take no injury from the cameras and lenses and the guards got regular work. But the time, terror, and expense getting through to the animals was fearful.

Others paid airplane companies thousands of dollars to go to Canada or Alaska so that they could look at bears. As a person who looked at bears all his childhood this seemed excessive expense. We had them outside the kitchen window and occasionally wrapped up in the clothes line. Thus I do not think I will be paying.

For those of my bent – cheap and cheerful – a photo safari at home seems best. If we are after exotic animals a day or night trip to the local zoo may be all that is needed – if the local one palls there are wildlife parks and zoos throughout Australia that can supply the subject matter and getting there is considerably cheaper. If we are happy with the native beasts – a run out to the country will generally yield something at dusk. If you want possums, go up to the hills. If you want rats come round our house and talk to the cat.






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