A Day In the (Self) Classroom


You never really learn more than when you teach yourself. Brilliant insight or bitter experience – either way you get the point and it sticks with you. Or in you…

Today has been bittersweet*. I wanted to start making panorama pictures on my Epson 3000 printer to aid with the toy car photography. I looked out a number of motion-panorama shots that I have taken with my Fujifilm X-100 or X-E2 that would make interesting reflections in the paintwork and chrome of the toy cars. Sounds trivial but I suspect it won’t be in the end.

Anyway, I went and got a roll of Epson paper for the printer – the cheapest matte roll that was available as I figured that the prints need not be super-detailed. Wise me – I bought the wrong size roll of paper…17″ instead of 13″. Money gone down the drain.

So I resorted to Plan B – I have a box of A2 paper that could be cut to 13″ wide instead of 17″ and the panoramas could be made of two separate prints. Marking the paper and cutting it with a good pair of scissors is easy. Plotting out the images out of the jpeg files was harder – finding how to divide the things down the middle and resize them to take best advantage of the length of the paper was an exercise in mathematics and I rarely take that sort of  exercise…

Well, in the end it worked – they are at a modest resolution of 180 dpi and would look horrible framed on a wall, but will serve as reflector sheets quite nicely once they are glued to foamcore board.

I am emboldened. I have a 100′ roll of paper that is paid for and needs to lose 4″ from one end. I am going to go in 1″ from that end and try out various forms of cutting – Stanley knife, breadknife, hacksaw, jigsaw…it will be messy but as long as I can achieve some form of cut under 13″ width and preserve the cardboard core, I can get value out of the roll.

Teddy said…” Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”.

  • Bittersweet – just one level better than bittersweat…

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