Spring Cleaning

P9210617Who has not heard those dreaded words: ” Dear, I was thinking of starting spring cleaning tomorrow…” and not experienced the urge to pack a small valise and buy a ticket for Des Moines…?

Well, avoid it as much as you can, you do eventually have to start to throw out the empties and scrape the pizza cheese from the door frames. Clothes need burning and rugs need disinfecting – the business of a house never finishes.

Well, it is the same with your computer and hard drive storage. I have taken to mine with a flensing knife and discovered just how much fat could be cut off and boiled down for additional storage space. In technical terms…a lot.

I have been using Nikon and Fujifilm cameras for 7 1/2 years now as well as earlier episodes with an Epson scanner – and gradually the iMac and hard drive have been filling up. But until this week I did not realise how sparse some areas were while others were chock-a-block with excessive material.

I shot RAW with the Nikon cameras and then boiled the results down to psd files and eventually on to jpegs. But true to the advice from every website, I kept the RAW files and the psd’s as well as the jpegs – with the vague notion that I would need to redo them and would be better at it the second time. Some jobs that have been perfectly well received and have been completed for all practical purposes in a dozen shots – and been completed for 7 years – have another two hundred files sitting at their back clogging up the drives.

Well, I took the bull by the horns this week and tossed a number of these – and watched the pie chart that is the capacity gauge on my Drobo system crawl back down a significant amount. I admire people who have immense storage facilities and precise cataloging systems in place but I am afraid I will be concentrating on quality rather than quantity in the future. You may put it down to parsimony if you wish but I prefer to think of it as the training of the sheet film photographer – get it right in as few shots as you can, because every click of the shutter is costly.


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