Read the Warning Label Before Taking This Medicine

Singapore 2014 356In an idle moment I surfed the net looking for information dealing with my camera system – the Fujifilm X series. Plenty of stuff out there and much of it eminently readable – there are a lot of better photographers and writers than I engaged on the net.

One chap advocated a new app for the Apple iPad that allows a person to edit pictures while out on the road – sort of like Adobe’s Photoshop Elements. As this is exactly what I am comfortable with, I decided to do more research. Thanks to YouTube I got an hour’s overview of it and it did indeed seem to be a good thing.

I attempted to purchase the app but the machinery told me that I needed to update the iPad to iOS 9. Just before I did that, my daughter advised me to do more research to see if any of the apps that are already on the iPad would be affected badly. Good girl – she saved my bacon.

Seems that the new iOS makes two of the previous Fujifilm apps fail. There is going to be some sort of a revamp of them to work in with the new system, but not for a while. I need those apps to control the camera and to capture pictures – just as well I was cautioned. More patience and editing reserved for the laptop or the desktop iMac. Whew – that was a close one.


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