Scissors, Glue, And Nap Time

DSCF052I am blessed with the sort of memory that can dial me right back to being 5 years old. Thankfully I do not have to remember everything since then in sequence – it’s not THAT sort of a mind. It can pop up good or bad bits from the archives as needed.

Sitting in my workroom today I was reminded of Christopher Robin School in Calgary in 1953.The school year had low points – the first polio vaccinations were trialled out on Calgary and we were part of the experiment. (It worked.) The high point was the scissors, glue, plasticine, and coloured paper. And Nap Time*

Today I have been printing using a multi-thousand dollar computer and inkjet system and cutting and gluing with a multi-dollar set of scissors and Henzo glue. The album of photos from an imaginary motion picture of the 1950’s is being assembled.

It is a total fantasy – all constructed in a small studio with models and paper and cloth. Tarzan is a roof carpenter. Jane is a school teacher. Their 1930’s airplane is a diecast metal bank. Even the elephants are made by Schleicher in Germany. But they are good elephants – very good elephants.

In due course you will see the story – but the principal human actors get to see themselves first. Perhaps just the elephants for now…

  • Nap Time was a blessing for the teachers then and for ALL of us now. If we could all nap peacefully for half an hour after lunch we would all be so much happier.

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