You Can Make An App For That…


I run Manfrotto equipment in my studio – I have always liked the sturdiness of it and the fact that it can be turned to multiple tasks. Things bolt and clamp together and more importantly – work.

I turned to it when I needed to hold up 2750 rolls of backdrop paper high enough for tall dancers to stretch out. Two of their Autopoles with tripod bases held the three-gang hooks for the rolling mechanisms. They were strengthened with 035 super clamps where needed and it has worked fine for years. I have recently expanded what I do so I was pricing more poles and more clamps…and then I looked around the back of the shed.

Here at home we had carpenters building something last year and they left a neat stack of excess wood that they said we could have. make no mistake…we had paid for it in the carpentry…

Some of the 35mm x 70mm timber was pre-cut to 2.5 metres and this got me to thinking that was  the same length the Autopoles in the studio were set at. I investigated it this morning, grabbed the drill an a the secondhand bolt and screw bucket from the shed and started in.

3 hours to do it – poles down and new timber cut and bolted into place. Literally bolted into the same position holes that held the Autopoles.

Now, instead of having to fork out for more gear, I have 2 poles and 4 more clamps to re-use – about $ 1100 worth of gear by todays prices. Done with the Scrap App.



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