The Pen Is Mightier

DSCF0333A_edited-1No, not than the sword – than the keyboard. I have just had a valuable lesson this week.

The background: I purchased some more Fujifilm equipment to take advantage of the excellent cash back offers from the local branch of the firm. A new small camera, a zoom lens, and a small travel lens were purchased and I was informed that a refund of $ 500 would be sent to me upon application via the internet.

It was not too onerous a process – scan the receipt, fill in the form, attach the jpeg of the receipt and send it off. I did. And then waited for the money to be deposited in my bank account.

And waited.

A month later I started to suspect that the dear old internet had failed me again. Fortunately Fujifilm Australia are up front with their postal address – unlike some internet firms which hover in the aether – and I wrote a clear letter outlining my concerns to them.

Less than a week later I received a phone call from a staff member in Sydney – we found out the original application was never received. I then printed the receipt, wrote a covering letter, and posted it. Again after two days the Fujifilm firm rang to say they had the letter and the the refund was approved. Smart work on their part and much appreciated on this end. And one thing that made it work better – when I sent the original letter I enclosed a print of an image taken on the Fujifilm camera. Their staff member was interested and I think this is one of the factors that sped the transaction.

Moral: Write. Send a picture. Be human. You’ll get a human response.


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