How To Be A Ghost Writer Without Being A Ghoul Writer

skya067Answer? Be a zombie writer – lurch down the road in dreadful clothing looking for brains to devour. Your wardrobe costs you little and no-one expects good shoes. As long as you have enough fingers left to hit the keys you can make up social media posts and advertisements. If times turn bad you can stoop to writing novels.

I was the ghost in the machine for a number of years with my former employers when it came to social media – largely without understanding the mechanics of the device. I was set up with a Blogger account by the IT chap at work and briefly shown the icons to touch on the screen.  Given a good day when the wireless router did not go dead, and we did not have to restart the thing…or reboot the server…I could knock out a blog column in an hour and a half with a picture on the top.

Now seated in front of an iMac instead of a laptop, with no phones screaming at me and no need to dodge up two flights of stairs to find other staff members, the write time for the same number of words is down to 30 minutes. It can be faster if the photo is ready to hand.

The sources of inspiration are more widely spread now – before I had to focus upon what was on the shop shelves at any one time – now I can range wherever there is an interesting topic. And I can talk to people on a more even basis – and ask for stories that can be published.

One example: Attended a trade show that I would have been debarred from visiting before. Met the same industry reps that came in the former shop, but could now ask them for other stories. Whether those stories stay with my personal photography blog or also get modified as selling points for the shop blog remains to be seen. There is discretion to be considered and the fact at the shop blog is still published under the name of the shop owner.  Who may not appreciate being harried down the street by irate villagers with pitchforks and torches.


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