Propaganda Pictures 101

DSC_5145Today’s Facebook reports of what someone said someone said make me terribly suspicious – and I am not normally a suspicious person. They are starting to have the flavour of interpretation and assumption – if not downright invention. They are connected with someone’s political aspirations and the desire of his opponents to paint him in a bad light. I wish to see and hear for myself the supposed exchange upon which this is built. I am starting to think that it will not be presented in any clear form. The Facebook Propaganda Ministry scores again.

It is not a surprise – in Australia we saw a concerted campaign to remove a Prime Minister based upon sneering comments and innuendo – upon unflattering photographs and bellicose posturing. The surprising thing was that the posturing came from the detractors – I suppose they were trying to bait the PM into some statement that could be turned against him.

Well, it worked – his party removed him and replaced him with a fresh face. I am sure the detractors will now start on the fresh face and we will all play host on Facebook to their efforts – at least until we push the ” Do Not Show” button and gain some relief.

I have decided to experiment a little with propaganda pictures – oh, I don’t want to get anyone elected and I am not running for office myself, but I do wish to see if a little judicial Photoshop work can convert a normal person into a monster. It will need to be a delicate thing if I am to avoid prosecution, but I think a few little technical tweaks might do it. Here’s my first attempt:

a. Picture of person taken from photo files. Person is perfectly normal re-enactor dressed in chain mail and lamellar armour  – ready to whale the tar out of his club-mates on Sunday morning in the local school’s sports field. Bit over-lit but it will do. Now to make it into something infinitely worse.


b. There –  a few simple changes and now we can scare the children and threaten the populace. May have to blend in the orange mankey blanket but people probably won’t even notice it. A few simple text references to running over kittens with a steam roller and it should be good to go. I wonder if devil horns would be too much…? Hmmm…



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