A Graceful Defeat.

DSCF8062The insistence by modern manufacturers upon the right-handedness of cameras – at least as far as the viewing and operational aspects are concerned – means that the ideal vertical arrangement for the flash, viewfinder, lens, and shutter button is not likely to be achieved – at least not without the services of a CAD/CAM machine and a thousand hours of machining.

I will have to accept that the Fujifilm X-100 comes as close to the basic requirements optically and in the image-recording department as I could reasonably ask and have to accept that the ergonomics are irremediably fixed. I will grasp the Arca-Swiss rail at the bottom of the camera with the addition of a small grip, and put an L bracket on the LHS of the camera with a Fujifilm EF 43 flash and call it quits. I’ll have to poke the shutter button with the right forefinger or thumb but if I have set the shutter, aperture, and focus manually I can have an instant response – and a TTL flash contribution as well.

I wish for better, but like the poor left-handed people of the world, I would probably wait in vain.


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