My Prayers Are Answered – I Have A Troll


Thank you. Thank you. I never dreamed I could be this lucky. Thank you.

I have a troll. Let me be more respectful. I have a Troll. My very own Troll. I have someone who reads my internet weblog postings with regularity and jumps on every typographical error I make. And his postings to make fun of me are actually pretty well written – they are reasonably polite and quite funny. This is like finding a GOLD MINE.

Already my inadvertent errors – a missed “s” or “p” in a posting from the shop weblog – have been commented on repeatedly and the Facebook counter that clocks up how many people have read the main column has clicked over rapidly. In one case it has amounted to about 10 times the number of hits that other postings garner. Every one of those hits is an advantage to the people who employ me as a ghost writer. Every one is someone who has remembered the name of the shop. And will go back to see what the fun is going to be…

Wow! This suggests that typos are big money – particularly if you can get a Troll to trumpet them for you. Wow!

I must be careful – I have replied in lighthearted banter this afternoon and discovered that the Troll has as little to occupy him as I do – and can reply instantly. I must be careful not to scare him off, as while he may be a goose…he lays golden eggs. Nice Troll – happy Troll – There’s a good Troll. Bark for the people. Bark for us.

Heading Image. Faerie Cara. Not a troll. A faerie.


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