The Electronic Erratum Slip – The V1 That Drops On You

_DSF8966” Good news for users of the Flapoflex D600348D camera! v1.01 firmware update is now available. It is being distributed on 3.5″ floppy discs this afternoon in the underpass near the Soretoe railway station in Tokyo. The Soretoe station is the third one on the Ichibum metro link and has a fried octopus stall out the front. You can’t miss it.

This much-awaited update will give a number of new features to the camera while correcting a few minor errors. Users will now be able to focus the cameras on Wednesdays and many of the images stored in what the designers have referred to as the ” digital sofa cushion” will now be in colour.

The minor corrections should remove the camera from the S4 section of the Dangerous Goods Act and reduce the tendency of users to develop allopecia. Video output will also be brought into line with modern ACCMP/CAAPM/RCMP standards. ”

I love these sorts of advertisements. They promise comfort, security, and increased performance while very shyly suggesting that the product you originally bought was something in between a dead hamster and a stick grenade. They are one step away from men in heavy armour removing your camera from the gadget bag with tongs and plunging it into a tub of water.

I always update my cameras and lenses as soon as I can – and have been happy for it. I have gotten faster focus, a new film simulation, and a quicker EVF out of the deal and the only risk that has been run is the cameras so updated going cold and dead and useless. So far, so good.



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