The Famous View Of the Famous Site By The Famous Person

DSC_0538Half Dome in Yosemite Park in California. Ansel Adams took an iconic picture of it and apart from a few more observation platforms and possibly a postcard stand or two in the meantime I daresay it has not changed all that much since he was there. Ditto, Canal Rocks in our Southwest, Ayers Rock in Central Australia, and any number of other outdoor bits.

One would think that, having been done well once, these views need not be done much again. Certainly not done to death…but every month of every year sees busloads of people spending money to see what they could see for free and see more comfortably in Ansel’s photo. Good for the tour companies, airlines, hotels, and pick-pockets. So-so for the general environment. Totally nothing for art.

Is it a case of an arrogance of personality that says a sight has never been seen if I personally have not seen it? And it has not been seen well unless I possess a jpeg of it? You might go deep into philosophy to ask whether anything exists if I have not seen it. Have I seen the bear in the woods? Careful where you step…


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