The Information You Need Is In…

DSCF8181Is in the internet, the enclosed DVD, the mind of the company representative, and the cat. Therefore you must access it with a computer, a DVD player, the mobile number of the company rep, and a can of tuna. And there you were thinking that digital photography was going to be easily accessible…

I understand the need for camera manufacturers to save money where they can. The business probably runs on a tight percentage of yen or yuan or baht and every little helps…but they need to remember that they have to keep up a constant flow of communication between themselves and their customers to maintain the goodwill and interest. If they make themselves hard to understand and hard to reach, the lazy public will not reach out to them or back to their wallets.

Case in point is a camera I am reviewing for my weblog column right now. Superb little device from a major manufacturer and well capable of satisfying the portion of the market at which it is aimed – but the instruction book is second-rate. It is set out in a way that is foreign to the average English language book and our normal sequence of search and read is very difficult to do. The information is a mixture of basic and confusing and questions that arise about the actual specifications of the camera are referred to a company internet website. If you bought this camera at a duty-free and expected to learn how to use it by reading the book whilst on your plane flight to the holiday destination…well, you had better hope you are flying to Toronto the long way round and that the cabin attendant is prepared to bring you black coffee and aspirin – you will be reading hard.

Worse is needing to see things on a DVD. A lot of computers nowadays don’t have DVD players. You are better off opting for the tuna and cat.

On a bright note – I use the Fujifilm X series cameras and their instruction books are comprehensive and helpful. So are those of Nikon. And Fujifilm have the added advantage of a good external writer in Rico Pfirstinger who produces books through Rocky Nook dealing with the various cameras. They really do put the user in the picture and make them want to purchase more Fujifilm goods.


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