The Rumor Site

P9210442You say “Rumor” and I say “Rumour”. You say “Lay” and I Say “Lei”. Rumor, rumour, lay, lei…

Let’s call the whole thing very slightly off…

I regularly dial into a rumour site for the Fujifilm camera system – I use the devices and their lenses regularly – and am delighted with the results. I do not need new equipment. I do not need more equipment. I do not need rumours and whispers and speculations and nerdy posts…but I dial into the site nevertheless. I suspect it is part of human nature to pursue these things. I am somewhat surprised that I have a nature and pleased that it is human.

The producer of the site is either a dedicated professional journalist working in a large office at the heart of the photographic trade – connected by dedicated lines of communication with the Fujifilm company and the rest of the trade…or he is a guy in his underwear blogging out of Mum’s basement. The anonymous nature of the internet allows us to imagine either.

The writer is fair – he (or she? internet anonymity…) does say that there are trusted sources and wild sources. And uses a wonderful graphic statement to sell  them both by putting up the phrase ” I Want To Believe “. The ” I Want ” cuts out 100% of responsibility and ” To Believe ” covers the other 68% of responsible journalism. Leaving only the final 43.9% of mystical oneness with the Fujiverse…Ommmm v2.1

I note that there is a tendency to rip and read – today’s report of a 10% discount offer from Camera Pro appears to be derived directly from Chinglish – or at least the Orchard Road School Of Grammar, is it? I sympathise – doing a daily is difficult, particularly if you cannot rely on murder or medical breakthroughs in the treatment of overeating to fill the page. You tend to take what you can find. At least he or she is not Ken Rockwell. Ptui, ptui, ptui…

Heading Image: If You Knew Sushi, Like I Know Sushi, Oh Oh….


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