The Snap Shot

DSCF8371Originally a term coined for shotgun shooting, ” Snap Shot ” is now used nearly exclusively for photography – or at least it was until the advent of the digital era brought ” Image ” and ” File ” to the fore. Snapshots sort of suggest the old paper print, and in many cases the more amateurish sort of thing. The family picture posed in the back yard under the Hills Hoist.

Well, sometimes there are genuine snap shots as well. I got one in the late afternoon when out the front of my house testing a new filter. The neighbours have long been used to me using the street and the surroundings as test images for whatever new bit of gear or new technique is going. I’m sure my late-night flash testing must be a nervous pest for them, but science is science and at least I am not emptying gallons of toxic used colour chemicals into their swimming pools in the dead of night with a funnel and a hose. Good people, the neighbours, but prone to skin rashes…

Any rate, we live under an airplane flight path – in our case it is to the small plane airport for our city. It is an airport that has been home to both small airline training and club flights and is a main base for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and sometimes for Police or rescue helicopters. I love it – I wish we had a greater stream of traffic over the area as I like to see the different classes of aircraft.

I particularly like the RFDS birds as they are evidently fast and powerful and their pilots are no-nonsense types. The prevailing winds are such that we rarely see them taking off but we do see their return and it is a fast affair – We get them when their flaps and gear are down but even then they are hustling – for their patients, I suppose. And I’m delighted to report our newest giant teaching hospital is just a mile from our front door so there is a short transport time from airfield to hospital.

Doing my filter test I heard the RFDS come in fast and was able to get two good shots – the top snap shot was with the new Fujifilm X-T10 and an 18-135 lens. I think this may well supplant the older 550-200 I also own – it is sharp but slow to focus. Also remember that this shot is under the restriction of being fired through an ND8 neutral density filter -no time to take it off. 1/180 sec and f:7.1 on ISO200. When I go to the airshow I’m going to up both the ISO and  shutter speed considerably and  get more stopping power.

Look at the nose on the ship. There is a turbo prop engine in there and a massive propellor in front. And I don’t know anybody in my car friends including myself that would not pay a carton of beer to get a close look at that engine being serviced. Woooo.


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