In Case They Do Not Realise

X-E2The Fujifilm company is remarkably assiduous in releasing firmware updates for their photographic equipment.

It seems every few years they issue a new set of computer commands that people can plug into the older cameras or lenses that add new capabilities. Sometimes defects or anomalies in the original operating systems have been detected by the armies of Fujifilm fans and these can be righted at the same time.

Any such errors that need correcting are pretty darn small and getting smaller by the year. I have never found any of them myself as they are minor inconsistencies rather than major blocks and as I use the cameras in a broad sense  – rather than in detail – these have never affected me.

Nevertheless, I do the updates with a memory card as it generally brings a new set of capabilities. Recently a new update for the X-E2 camera has been released and I will make use of it in a fortnight or so. It promises to make the camera the equivalent of the X-T10 in many respects.

I note as well that there will be a new model of the X-E2 released soon and the older stocks of the camera held in local shops will be sold off at about half of what they commanded a couple of years ago. This is an opportunity of the best kind for the frugal shooter – get the body at a bargain and then freely upgrade it to the newest shooter. We’ve passed the cash back date for lenses but that didn’t apply to the X-E2 body anyway.

It really is a good time to shoot.


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