The Last Post Of Ken Rockwell

RockOver the last 8 years I’ve read Ken Rockwell’s posts on photography frequently – and benefitted occasionally by implementing his advice. At the same time I have recognised – and others have too – that some of the stuff he writes is booshwah.

But up until now, whether it has been dodgy camera advice, smarmy business advice, or just old-fashioned bragging, I’ve granted him a conditional pass and still kept on looking at his blog on the net. Tonight it stops.

His latest post is a speculative review of a new Pentax full-frame camera. Ken doesn’t think much of it based upon the design and the operation. I daresay he’s entitled to that opinion, but he decided to denigrate the camera by using references to Asperger’s Syndrome and to people who are afflicted with autism. Not just one sneering reference – I count three of them in the text I read.

I can think of no excuse for this. No commercial or intellectual purpose could justify this sort of behaviour. And no amount of sleazy wheedling by him will make this writing seem any better. Shame on you, Rockwell.

I shall not turn to his page in future, not refer to it in my personal or commercial weblog columns. I would not be surprised if others adopted a similar position.


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