The Curious Case Of the Misplaced Lens

DSCF9934During a recent holiday I took a couple thousand photos. I’ll ditch the bad ones and keep the rest as feed stock for this and other blogs. The venture was done with a new camera mirror-less but has proved so successful that it will be the go-to device for any further travel.

At the same time I took my iPad to serve as a command platform for daily postings. And on one special occasion I used it in the “camera” mode to record an evening visit when I didn’t want to take the Fujifilm along. It was successful and the Facebook posting I used it for was simple to do. Ho, hum.

But what dill designed that iPad and the equally silly iPhones? They got it all wrong when it came to the camera function. They put the darned lens in the wrong place.

Every one of these devices, and probably those of their competitors, place the taking lenses of the camera on the front and back face of the tablet. Fair enough for the one that looks back at you when you are Skyping or Facetimeing someone, but totally ergonomically useless when it comes to shooting pictures out away from you. The best place to put the lens and the associated sensor would have been on the upper end of the device so that it points outward when you are looking down into the screen. Sort of like a giant waist level finder.

The actual lenses and the sensor are physically small, and I cannot see why they could not go on that top edge. The action of sighting the camera, the hold that you need to have it in, and the action you need to do to press the virtual shutter button would all be so much easier than holding the thing up like a baking tray and taking a stab at it.

It would also make it so much easier to attach supplementary lenses if you wanted to get really serious about it. Might result in the occasional selfie of the top of your ear if you hit the wrong button while phoning for pizza but that is a risk you have to take for art.

Or pizza.



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