The Samsung NX500 Fiasco

PssssshWell, it looks like the cat is out of the bag – or, considering who is holding the bag, perhaps that should be the puppy. The Samsung NX 500 camera is no longer appearing in the extensive B&H catalog and a writer from DP Review thinks that it the company has ceased to make it.

Surprise. Or not-surprise, as it turns out. DPR touted this when they reviewed a Samsung presentation lecture at a trade show. The local camera trade here heard it a long time ago. Supplies of the cameras and lenses went onto discount selling before Christmas…and didn’t.

I cannot say why the line failed. Their products were excellent – indeed I think most Samsung items are good value and well-designed. The computer, washing machine, and mobile phone lines seem to be extremely popular.

Privately, I wonder whether it was a result of internal politics in the company – one feudal group of engineers and manufacturing plants losing out in a struggle for corporate money against another internal group. The sound of slashing economic swords and the silence of internal company ninjas assassinating each other…

A pity. The Samsung NX 1, the NX 500, and all the other NX series are great cameras. They incorporate some very good design features. They feel and work well.

Were I not using another system extensively, or in the market for a new APS-C one, I would run to whoever still has the components of the Samsung NX left and strike a bargain with the shop owners. It would be good financial sense.


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