The Moral Question: Photoshop Or Kitten Pictures

Pogo006I am impressed by the moral stance taken by major news agencies when it comes to the photoshopping of editorial images. Terrifically impressed. Really I am. Really. These are tears of respect rolling down my cheeks. And our people always uphold dignity by collapsing in laughter and pounding our fists on the floor. It’s just our little way.

The reason for my reaction in this is when I note that someone has had some sort of award stripped from them after they PS’d out a minor detail of an image taken in the heat of battle. In the midst of getting shot at, bombed, gassed, or spoken to by potential presidential candidates, the photojournalist is expected to compose his pictures with the rule of threes, Golden Triangle, and Pythagoras’ Theorum…and if there is a Twinky wrapper in the foreground obscuring the face of a corpse he is not allowed to remove it manually or electronically.

At the same time the same publications just love to run advertisement from people who pay them inordinate amounts of money and don’t care a darn whether those advertisements are PS’d up the wazoo. In fact they welcome them, as it makes the mags and papers and websites look slick.

There’s lots of things that are slick. Political moralists, editorial prestidigitators, and buttered cat shit come immediately to mind.

For my part, I welcome faked up editorial shots. I can’t get enough of Hamas multiple artillery bursts, Korean missile launches, and Iranian stealth fighter planes. They are as much fun as Soviet leadership photos were – sort of like grainy monochrome  games of Where’s Wally with the additional speculation of Where’s Wally Now? And will Wally be rehabilitated?

I PS all over the place these days. Well, at my age you have to expect that. I realise that if you PS in public you might be arrested and have to appear before a magistrate but those are the risks you have to take. Let’s face it – 4 pints of Best Bitter is a hell of a lot of pressure on anyone or anybladder…

Our heading picture is by the late great Walt Kelly , who is probably the best last word on any topic. Particularly when that word is ” Rowrbazzle! “.


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