The Dramatic Photographic Moment

Well, I had a dramatic photographic moment yesterday. I watched a video from a flash equipment manufacturer that featured a wedding photographer showing how to use a fill flash at the ocean side. The basic activity – persuading two paying customers to stand where they are in danger of getting washed off of sharp rocks into the sea and then taking their picture – was exciting enough. Getting an assistant to go out there as well with $ 2500 worth of equipment running at high voltage was an added bonus.

I admired the photographer’s good sense in standing on the dry bit in-shore while pressing the shutter button – and in charging for the job.

Apparently he does this with engaged couples all the time. Presumably he gets them to pay beforehand  – just in case they slip off the rock and head out to sea. What the local coast guard thinks of it all is not mentioned. I’m willing to bet that he has also tried the same idea with bridal couples , newborns, and possibly product shots for boxes of tissues…

I can only admire his sense of adventure. I’ve heard what brides in Perth sound like when they are on the beach in $ 5000 worth of dress and fall down a sand hole. Or stand on a jellyfish on a river beach.


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