The Grim Facts Of Age

10.6.8No-one likes getting older unless they are young children – and then they earnestly desire it in 12-month blocks. Or unless they are very old, and then they wish in daily amounts. Eventually everyone wants a minute more…

Our photo equipment gets older too, and no-one really knows what the camera, lens, or computer really thinks about it. Perhaps they have the zen approach – after all they exist 1/125th of a second at a time.

One annoying thing about the process is that eventually computers get too old to be given anything new to think about. The iMac that this is being typed upon is a case in point – a free offer of the Nik software from the Google organisation has had to be turned don as the operating system of the computer is too old to cope with it. The maddening thing is…at one stage of the game this computer did host the Nik software and it was very good stuff indeed. Apparently when it passed from the developer’s hands to Google, advances were made that blocked it out.


The same restriction applies to other plug-in material or new programs from major developers. None of the enticing new vehicles will run on the old track. I can go where I always went, but no further…unless I loose off another round of money and buy a newer computer. With fewer sources of income – the counterfeiting and moonshine business is still going but the kidnap and ransom division has fallen right off – I have to make do with what I have. It may be time for a major bank robbery or a lemonade stand.

At this rate I may have to let a couple of the mistresses or wives go.

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