Outdated Digital Thinking

DSCF1053Is there anything sadder than a faded Hollywood actress living out her fantasies on Sunset Boulevard?

Yes, there is – it is outdated computer and digital photography books lurking on a bookshelf in the photographer’s darkroom. Only exceeded in sadness by the sight of similar books in a secondhand bookstore at $ 1 a copy. Sic semper technical pressimus…

I can proudly say that I have read a good many of the explanatory books that I purchased in 2008 when I got my new computer but I must be honest and admit that none of them have been worked to death. Many pages are pristine. I stopped when I found out how to do the basic operations I needed at the time and never went back for more.

This is a shame – and it’s a shame on me. I suspect that there are far more things that could be done with the iMac did one have all the techniques to hand. I am still stumped when I inadvertently click some portion of the screen and the display alters and will not return to normal. The fix is probably somewhere in those books if I could only find it. The difficulty in searching points up the reason for the success of the YouTube video clip – it can be made manifest with one click.

I am not a YouTube addict. The clips pop up when I am trying to communicate on Facebook and are a little fun, but not enough to warrant constant search. Explanatory clips can be so slow and dreadful as to put me off my original search question. Some are charming – like the banjo player trying to teach viewers how to play “Oh Susannah ” while his cat keeps climbing on the banjo. It is hard to watch for the laughter.

Is it time to throw the digital books out? No. It is time to go find the clean pages and see what is actually on them. I might only get as smart as 2008 but that is likely to be an advance anyway…


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