Dirty Pictures

DSCF1378Or in the case of my Fuji X-E2 – dirty messages. The dirtiest was ” Card not initialized”. It happened with two new SanDisk 16 Gb cards and scared the bejeepers out of me. I was preparing equipment for a theatre job and checking that the cards were formatted…

As I had never seen it before in any equipment I used, I was stumped – even trying to format the cards seemed to do nothing. I was only slightly mollified by trying other cards in the camera and finding that they were all okay. But I was mystified upon putting the the two suspect 16 Gb cards into other cameras and finding them to be perfectly good…

Google time. And Fujifilm said that it was lack of physical contact between the connector bar in the camera and the little gold contacts on the cards. A clean-soft cloth to clean the card and a reformatting was suggested. Nothing to lose, I tried it, and was rewarded by function again. It suggests to me that before I use cards in any future job, I should give them a small scrub with the cloth – I can’t say what atmospheric contaminants might get in there.

And I’m taking a handful of extra cards along to to the dance show – just to be safe.

Next Day Report: All Good – that’s Yamina on stage.




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