USS RANGER018I have something in common with the USS MIDWAY – CV41. As well, we have the same thing in common with the Lord High Executioner of Titipu – we all have a little list. It is evident whenver I take pictures of stage performances from dead on in front. I seem to tilt over a bit to the right, with the result being that the dancers are in imminent danger of sliding off to Stage Left.

DSCF1366It is not a bad list, but constant. If I have a chance to use the tripod and the artificial horizon built into the Fujifilm X cameras I can eliminate it – and in the studio I am working so slowly that I have time to tilt the pan head. And of course all the image-editing programs I use have some provision to straighten things up. But I have to do it far too often.

I am wondering if others have this same proclivity …or should that be inclination? If so, is there anything that the camera makers can do to eliminate it?

We’ll pass over the suggestion of tiny needles that prick the fingers or cheeks of those who tilt the camera and go to a more helpful idea – a idea suggested by the smart phone and tablet. They rotate their image 90º when you turn the device – if this is possible due to an internal sensor then a similar, but more finely adjusted one might be included in the camera. as you tilt away from the horizontal, it tilts the image on the sensor ever so slightly. You lose a bit of coverage but then you would lose that coverage later in straightening it up on a computer.

Doable? I hope so. Another new feature for the design teams to compete with each other over. Just don’t try to take flight-deck pictures on the MIDWAY.

* MIDWAY got her list when they grafted a 1950’s angled deck on a straight-deck WWII carrier. Everybody just learned to walk crooked.


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