The Most Significant…

_DSF0551Have you been reading the photographic press lately? Or just looking at the pictures? Have you noticed that everything is the most significant advance, breakthrough, and update since…

The last advance, breakthrough, and update.

Not only this, but it will be the greatest advance, breakthrough, and update until…

The next advance, breakthrough, and update.

Do you get the feeling that the writers have taken their basic inspiration from a treadmill in an gymnasium…keep running, keep sweating, keep paying, go nowhere.

I’ve just done the arithmetic for a photographer who owns a small camera and wants to take pictures on his holiday to Melbourne. He’s not a big note bloke, but he wants to ride the Puffing Billy train, go to the races at Flemington, and have a few beers at Young and Jackson’s on Flinders Street. He’s wondering if he should trade in his old camera and get the next new model…

The old camera is only old by 4 years and its replacement is only marginally better. A few more buttons and a couple of stops higher on the ISO table but that is about it. The fact that the LCD screen now tilts up and down is nice, but he rarely takes pictures at ground level or above his head. Here’s how the figures work out:

He’ll get back about $90 on the old camera, even if it is pristine. The new one will cost $ 550 – so a cost outlay of $ 460. If he tries to take raw files his computer program will need an update – add another $ 165. Already spending $ 625 and not off the ground.

Cost of air fare? $ 380 return in cattle class.

Cost of a day on Puffing Billy? $68

Cost of a ticket to Flemington? $12

Cost of a beer at Young and Jacksons? $ 9

That’s $ 469. Plenty of money between that and the $ 625 to place a bet, get a pie on the train, and an extra few pints at the pub. He can do most of the holiday on the price of the new camera…

If I were our chap, I’d clean the lens on the old camera and take that along for a thrifty good time! The one good thing about treadmills, whether they are in gyms or camera shops, is that you can step off them.


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