Many Doors

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I was never so glad to see the bewildering array of connection ports on modern electronic equipment as this weekend. My two computers keeled over and went into dry dock for repairs.

I re-paired to the iPad and pre-pared to be reduced to the blogging equivalent of finger painting. The business of getting pictures into the iPad for inclusion in the home and works blogs involves converting them into mush and feeding it into a tiny little slot in the bottom of the thing. Most dribbles out. The shameful lack of input ports on the thing is related to the need to keep it sleek and modern and ready for obsolescence as soon as the Apple company decides it needs more money.

Note: with their shares dropping because of a manipulator, they need money right now. Fill a bag with dollars and go down to your local Apple store and throw fistfuls out on the floor for the kids in the green Tee shirts to fight over.

Well, as dismal as the prospect of the iPad was, at least it pushed electrons around. And as luck would have it my former employers were able to lend me a modern Macbook Pro for a week until the others are back. I very much appreciate this. However, I note from the sides of the machine that it has had a crisis of communication and carries only two of the useful USB ports. It also contains no more Firewire 800 connection nor Ethernet socket. There are two Thunderbolt ports but nothing in this house is Thunderbolt. Thus I am left wondering at the actual utility of it and whether it really could form the hub of the communications room as the old iMac did.

Now remember my glee at the multitude of plug-ins? Fortunately the Drobo hard drive that contains all my photos is unaffected by the failure of the computers – but up until now it has supplied the signal to the main device through a FireWire 800 cable. Was I set to start a fruitless search for connection? Thank Goodness the Drobo people also put a big USB 2.0 port on  it as well as the Firewire 800. Not as fast but faster than no data at all. And the experiment of plugging it in proved that a modern computer can put and take out of the hard storage just as effectively as the older iMac…albeit at a slower speed. I am led to believe that Apple make an adapter that will mate the Firewire 800 cable with a Thunderbolt port for $ 45. If my computers are long delayed this may be good move to speed things up to at least as fast as they were before.

Is there life after computers? I really should ask myself this question as the past few days have been stressful in a way that makes me almost ashamed to even care. Perhaps gratitude is in order – it takes the mind away from the North Koreans and the US elections.




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