DSCF0098A friend and I looked over some photos last night that he had taken at a historical event and tried a few ways to convert the normal digital camera images to historical appearance. His models had asked for portraits in sepia tone.

His computer is similar to mine, and runs all the standard programs you get with the iMac. In addition he has an Adobe product – Photoshop Elements 10 – that allows for some pretty complex photo editing. Between the two we found out just how easy it can be:

Method A.

Open a JPEG file in Photoshop Elements 10 from the memory card or a desktop folder.

Go to the top command bar and find “Enhance”. Dive down it until you get to ” Convert to Black And White. Poke it.

Choose between the different looks of the sample pictures – we liked scenic for some images and vivid landscapes for others. Poke it. You get a black and white picture.

Look down that ” Enhance” list and find ” Adjust Colour”. Poke it.

Crank in 2 x Decrease Blue and one Increase Red and pie the OK button. You have a form of sepia.

Sharpen this with the Unsharp mask ( If ever there was a confusing name…) and save it to the desktop and congratulate yourself. If the people who see it do not appreciate it, poke them.

Method B.

Take a JPEG file to iPhoto or whatever Apple call it now. Poke it until it has a yellow border.

At the bottom is the ” Edit ” pencil and after you poke it you get the “Effects” grid. Poke.

Chose the sepia tile and then denature it a little to taste with the fade tile. Poke done and then you can drag the finished product back to the desktop. If you change your mind go back to the iPhoto where the thing is still sitting and you can revert to the original picture. or you can go mad and poke every button within reach, which is traditional.

Method C.

Lower the iMac computer into a bath of strong ferricyanide bleach agitate it until the original image disappears…together with the writing on the metal case and a good deal of the electrical cord.

Wash the iMac in running water for 15 minutes.

Lower the iMac into a tank full of Kodak Sepia Toner …or Agfa Viridon…until the image reappears in glorious yellow and brown tones.

Wash the iMac in running water for a further 10 minutes. Hang it up to dry.

The Apple store opens at 9:00 in the morning so that you can go buy another computer. If they ask you what happened to the old one, invent a plausible excuse like space aliens or daemonic possession.


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