Try As I Might

Misc015Try as I might, I find I cannot work up enthusiasm for some products. It is not that they are necessarily bad, nor are the people who like them…it is just that they have all got some feature that acts on the design centre of the brain and causes it to say ” naaawwwp “. Herewith:

A. The Sony camera system.

I was put off this series of products by the first of their interchangeable DSLR models. They were not bad performers and had a number of new features, but they were piggybacked upon the older Konica and Minolta brands and inherited some strange bits – the hot shoe for their flashes being the one sticking point. Later models in the mirror-less system had right-hand-side ergonomics that made it impossible to operate the shutter button comfortably. Sony packaging was fine, and possibly their lens perforce with the Zeiss optics, but the rest did not appeal.

B. The action cam craze.

I grant you that they work, but from the experience of seeing so many people return to the shop with cameras that did not work, I do not think that they work well. Perhaps this is a function of their small size and perhaps it is because they are worn by people who throw themselves into volcanos. That and the fact that so few of the people taking pictures with them really had a story to tell with the results. A bridge not far enough.

C. The Hasselblad digital system.

This is an odd aversion. I owned 5 Hasselblad cameras at one time and as many lenses and backs. I shot 120, 70mm, motorised, single wind, and had a wonderful set of accessories. The results were fabulous 6 x 6 negatives and I never had a bad wedding or studio shoot from them. If film was still my thing, I never would have sold off the gear.

But it’s not. I do far more with digital in a far easier manner. However, not with Hasselblad. It’s not the fact that the cameras and lenses are a Japanese/European hybrid. Goodness knows I love my Fujifilm lenses. And it is not the weird grey style – I like coloured cameras. it is the weight, complexity, and price. Pentax have far more appealing products for the medium format and when Fujifilm come on with their digital MF the Swedes can go back to making dried salt fish.

D. Video slider systems.

Once seen, never forgotten, always repeated.

E. Samsung Mirror-less system cameras

I do not seem to be alone in this, as evinced by the decision of the Samsung photo division to set up the photographic equivalent of drip rifles and steal away out of the retail trenches overnight. I wonder if they have a Korean Photographic Manufacturers RSL and do they do marches?


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