Withdrawal Symptoms

mach002Or “How to mitigate the symptoms of cold turkey while avoiding a live turkey.”.

I refer to my decision to stop taking looks at the work of Ken Rockwell. Kenny offended me mightily a month or so ago with his flippancy toward people with mental illness and I determined then to do without him in the future. This is the future, and I can report that I am doing rather well.

I still like a daily dose of doodle, so I look up DP Review and Fuji Rumors. Apart from his failure to spell “rumours” correctly, I think the FR site’s maker is an admirable writer and something of a sleuth when it comes to sifting truth from fiction. ‘Course he then gives us both, but is good enough to flag the latter for what it is. I can only hope that other camera brands have similarly dedicated people to discuss their plans.

I’ve got enough confidence these days to make my own judgements about cameras and lenses, and even to some extent about computer programs for picture editing. The cameras are less intimidating as the makers have realised that people need sensible help with sensible interfaces. Ken’s breakdown of things is not needed.

Nor do I need over-saturated pictures of Route 66. I have a book on the subject that is vivid enough for three photographers. You can do only so much with motel signs and rusty Model A’s. I can get ’em fresh here in Western Australia.

As for being able to read about how successful and rich Ken and his parents are…well, I do not wish them poverty, but I do not need to contemplate their Mercedes car or Rolex wrist watch. Or read about how he was a king pin of the audio industry. I don’t build radio-controlled sailboats any more and I do not need anyone to blow hard…




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