Mining The Algorithms For Fun And Profit

DSCF0019I attended a talk by a social media expert at a conference about three years ago and a great deal of what she said has stuck with me. In fact for years I couldn’t tell where the smell was coming from – apparently I had stepped in a pile of internet marketing statistics and it had gotten between the treads of my running shoes.

While I did not understand very much of what the lady had to say, I noticed that many of the people in the room seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout the speech. Moanings, fumblings, and the occasional climactic shriek punctuated the lecture. There seemed to be a lot of wadded up tissues on the floor. Social media would appear to be wildly popular.

One thing that did stick…oh, that was unfortunate…was the use of the word algorithm. Apparently it is some form of statistical dance that can be made to yield love or money. I hoped at the time that it was going to be money before the boxes of Kleenex ran out.

If you get the right algorithms your website attracts the art directors and rich dilettante photo buyers that rumour says prowl the corridors of the art gallery. Along with fabulously available artistic girls in short skirts. I know it’s all true because I read it in a photo magazine someone left on the bus. The pages telling about success on the internet were stuck together…

Get the wrong algorithms and you’ll be doing Santa Photos out of a trailer park in Boise, Idaho from October to May for food stamps.

Of course, three years having passed since this advice was given means that the value of it now is slightly less than the crumpled Kleenex, but that should not stop photographers from seeking to catch the eye of the the public. Or at least write a book on how to write books on social media – who knows – they might get on the lecture tour circuit and do a lucrative sponsorship deal with Kimberley-Clark. Then they can be soft, strong, and pop up too…


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