The Niche Vs The Whole Shebang

Hot Summ 15 8 (1)I was lucky enough to share a drink the other day with a successful professional photographer from Perth. Stefan Gosatti has a practice that encompasses commercial illustration out in the field, fashion shooting, sports coverage, and studio product work. And it’s not just here in this city – clients from all over the state, country and world call upon his services…and pay for them. He eats regular and stays out of jail and that is a considerable success for any of us…

And he was quite candid about loving the mixture of things that he gets to do. No sitting in one fixed position in the profession for him. I got the impression that he would be game for any job that they can invent.

Other people I have spoken to are the exact opposite – they find one niche market, become the best on the planet for that small topic, and then trade on it to retirement. I wonder, though, whether they can have the mental agility or ability that Stefan exhibits…particularly as their careers move on into a set pattern of work, their sensitivity to the world must decrease, and that is sad. Of course the commercial world benefits by their increasingly perfect shots, but they are walking a narrower and narrower corridor.

Still, they all gotta eat, and if they are trying to get vegetables for the pot, they may find that they have to dig the field that they know. It may be boring after a while but at least they know where to find the potatoes.

Note: Sometimes the fields we cultivate become so warn-out and barren that there is little produce from them. That is a signal to agitate the soil and fork in a great deal of horse shit. I suspect the same is true of professional photography, if some of the videos we see advertising new products are anything to go by…


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