Hey Mistah, Take My Pitcha!

DSCF2025We always used to get this one. It was a prelude to the subjects doing muscle poses, indian  fingers, or flipping the bird. In the days of film it was as costly as it was pointless – if you pressed the shutter button you spent 50¢ either way for a ” pitcha ” that you neither wanted nor needed. You never saw the hooligans again and no-one else wanted to see their antics*.

Nowadays it is still the catch cry of the public nuisance but two more phrases have been added:

” Show us da pitcha “. and ” Delete da pitcha! ”

This is because of the nearly-universal** presence on the back of the digital cameras of some form of LCD screen. It provides the mob with instant replay, gratification, or uneasy realisation that they are graceless yobbos. Thus the demand for deletion. If it were possible to delete them before the ” pitcha ” was made I would be glad to contribute to the cost of he ammunition.

Some firms have suggested that we make use of the WiFi capabilities of our new cameras to send instructions to pocket-sized printers that use instant chemical film to make small prints. Then we could give the prints to thee posers straight away.And all it would cost is about $ 2.00 a print. Isn’t that a good idea? Good for the film makers…

The WiFi uploading is not a bad thing per se, provided it can go to the police department or a name and shame website instantly. If this can be done before the thing appears on the LCD then it can be acted upon before the demand to delete it. Or you could have a separate card in a WiFi  receiver in your pocket to store the offending file before you wiped it.

But then you would just have to delete it at home. And rinse the card in bleach.

* We didn’t have Facebook in the days. We had to go out on the street to see fools.

** Leica have produced an excessively stylish camera without a screen on the back to force you to be a purist. Or at least purer.




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