Dehaze, Boss, Dehaze…

_DSC3059I can’t stop thinking about the little guy in Fantasy Island…It’s a fantasy…

Well, today’s fantasy is about a new feature I found in my new editing program. When my computer died I needed to get fresh hard discs and fresh software. I had a chance to move from the three different editing programs that were installed – one Apple, one Adobe, and one Silkypix – into two programs only. I chose Lightroom 6 based on the recommendation of a friend, and Photoshop Elements 14 based upon my own experience.

I have never been unhappy with the Elements programs – as time went on I used PE 3, PE 6, PE 10, and now PE 14. They do what I want to do in a way I expect. It is analogous to a passage I read recently by a WWII American infantry lieutenant – his troops were issued with the M1 Garand rifle in 1942 but he elected to stick with an M1903 Springfield as he knew exactly how to use it and had never had a failure. He wrote the book of his experiences decades after the war…so it was a good decision for him.

Well, as with all the re-issues of Photoshop Elements, they have incorporated new tweaks…and I suspect got rid of some older ones. The new one I am playing with now is a de-hazing setting. It comes in automatic style and manual. Here’s the thing in action – first a photo that has a moderate amount of flare or denatured colour due to high ISO capture:


And here is the same file with the auto de-haze activated:


Both of these images would serve my purposes but the second one pleases my eye more. As with all photoshop manipulations it is something that could be done with curves, contrast, and other manipulations, but the ability to dial it in with one pop is a godsend to someone writing an article in a hurry.

More on the other new features as I figure them out.

Heading photo is the morning mist in Balingup.


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