When Your Treasured Prejudices Lie Shattered


It’s time to party!

Well, not quite that. Perhaps it should have been better phrased: ” When you find out the truth and it isn’t what you expected…it is still the truth. “. This week I laid another idea to rest.

For years I operated a view camera in my studio and used a number of large format lenses with wide coverage. I made extensive use of the Sheimpflug effect to get long depth of field in tabletop shots. I was confident that it was always the best answer for this sort of problem…and I was sorry to lose the capability when I went digital.

Then I encountered the Nikon tilt/shift lenses – in particular the 24mm version. I couldn’t afford one for my Nikon D300 but I got to borrow one for a weekend and the files that it yielded seemed to be the same as in the old film days. I still can’t afford that sort of lens but was recently able to borrow a Samyang knock-off copy of it for a couple of days.

Yes, it did as it should do, and with probably as much precision in most respects as the wildly expensive Nikon product. It has plastic parts instead of metal ones but it is well-built. Should I start selling other gear and saving for it?

Well, no.  I also put on a Tokina 35mm macro lens in the same photo shoot just as a comparison. The comparison is that it does just as much good as the tilt/shift and focuses closer in. More than adequate for my needs.

I can now let that desire go. I’m sure there will be others.


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