Witch Hunt

_DSC0298AI see the Photoshop witch hunt is on again. A famous photographer is under fire from people who are photographers but not famous. He is being criticised for using Photoshop to make photos more attractive. Worse – in the past he has apparently asked some people to pose for their picture…

This being the state of the art, I expect to have a rock through the front window pretty soon now. I too have asked people to pose…in some cases asked nicely…and as soon as I figured out how to use the clone toll on PSE 6 I was off and running.

I may have a few days grace as I am not a photojournalist so much as a blog writer with a point and shoot and no-one has awarded me anything. The jealousy factor is missing. Plus I have been known to resent criticism with a fire axe.

To be fair, I have not quite gone as far as the North Korean military with my Photoshopping, but this is because I haven’t quite worked out how to make a tabletop rocket take-off blast. If I can get this right I expect to have ICBMs rising from underground silos in Subiaco within the week. Make that a fortnight – it’s a bugger getting parking in Subiaco these days and I’ll need some background pictures.

Hard to tell whether it is professional pique or money or something else. The famous figure in question did not instigate bayoneting or other atrocities for his pictures…and you can look that one up on Google for yourselves. His work is colourful and kindly enough.

Must go now. The coat of paint on the model of the Panzer IV is dry and I want to make sure we can get it into the photo of the Kwinana Freeway morning traffic. It happened. It really happened.  Friend of my cousin said he saw it…


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