The Adapter Trap

DSCF7249I have had an Aha! moment, and fortunately it was at a time when I could do it safely.

I brought home a Tamron lens from the camera shop to illustrate and write up. Duly done, I thought to test it out before returning it to stock. The trusty Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Ray-Qual Nikon to Fuji X adapter was attached and I headed out into the garden.

Tamron make a cracker of a lens these days, and I would be willing to bet by the time you got this new 85mm f:1.8 full frame lens down to f:5.6 or f:8 you would have great definition. I would have been able to do this with the lens except for the fact that Tamron have now incorporated an electromagnetic diaphragm actuator and this cannot be driven from most adapters.

Pooh. I did take some stuff at f:1.8 but I am not a wide-open sort of shooter.

Fortunately most of the Nikon G lenses that I might encounter, as well as my beloved Tokina 35mm Macro have the standard actuator lever at the back of the mount and as long as I am prepared to imagine the f numbers ( Ray-Qual only engrave 0-7 on the ring ) and take a test shot or two all is well. In fact I have had a lot of fun with that adapter.

This also tells me that there is no point in getting a Canon-Fujifilm X adapter – I would be in the same wide-open position.



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