The 395º All-In Fully Awesome Virtual Reality View of the World On A Stick

I dread opening the Digital Photography Review website each morning for fear of finding another cutting edge technology that has changed the way we view the universe. I’ve had 245 of ’em over the last year and I’m starting to become dizzy.

Today I physically handled a product made by a reputable manufacturer that makes 360º virtual reality ball photographs. People can view the results on a computer screen. If it ever gets to the fields of proctology I am selling the computer and taking up library books.

DSCF0097It has a lens on each side of a case about the size of a mobile phone. I could only see three buttons including the shutter button , so I take it the process is fairly automatic. Apparently you hold it up in the air and press the Go button and it takes a ball-shaped image of the world. It is either a tourist’s gift to their memory or a cursed reminder of desperate times in dodgy places. One thing is certain – you cannot forget the back story of a famous sight as it is there all the time in the finished file. Up the front may be the Grand Canyon and out the back may be the tour bus passengers queuing for the toilets – both are there for you to marvel at.

DSCF0100When would I use it? When I was trapped in a line at the bank – one side would see the two tellers at a five-teller counter surmounted with a large orange wall sign: ” How May We Help You? “. The other side would see the 8 old age pensioners growling at the manager in his office as they stood there for  half an hour…

Ditto the Coles or Woolies checkouts just after work…

And who could resist the 360º virtual reality of the DVA or Centrelink office. I’d download an app for that straight away.




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