All Aboard The Medium Format Train

Northcliffe004Yet again.

In the next few weeks we’ll see a new digital medium format system launched. It’ll be well made and stylish and probably work very well. It will be the first of the medium format mirrorless cameras but will be joined by a fraternal rival in half a year or so.*

People will buy it , but not in the numbers that the manufacturer expects. The price will be high enough to deter all but the professional spending someone else’s money or the rich dilettante spending someone else’s money.

And it will join the Hasselblad H, Phase One, Mamiya, Broncolor, Arca, Rollei, Pentax, and Linhof in the medium format carriage, and the retail train will pull out of the station and we will rarely see any of them again. But we’ll have wonderful videos showing how they are going to be the wave of the future.

*The makers deny it. Of course, of course…


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