The Liquidation Sale…


I note from the internet that one of the major retailers of photo goods here in our city is set to be permanently closed after the company that owns it has been placed into receivership and will be wound up. People who have goods in there now to be picked up – sales items or repairs – will get a limited time from today to do so. And apparently current stock in the shop will also be sold off.

People who have paid deposits and ordered equipment will become unsecured creditors and will have to wait and see whether they recover anything from the situation. This leads me to wonder whether there would be any provision for them to take out the value of their money by accepting alternative goods from of what is in the shop – unpleasant and not optimal but better than getting a brush off from the receivers or the state government. Unfortunately, I suspect this sort of kindly arrangement is never catered for in legal matters.

Well, is there going to be a sale? Perhaps – it has been known to happen – Dick Smith Electronics folded a few months ago and lots of goods went out the door cheaply. I would not be too sanguine about it, and personally I am not going to go trolling for a bargain. Two reasons:

  1. Anything that you buy has a one-year warranty in Western Australia…but if the warranty always has to be channeled through the retailer who sold you the goods and that retailer is long gone over the horizon, then your warranty is worthless. Sometimes wholesale firms will step in and back up the system, but sometimes they will not. In any case it is an invitation to an argument.
  2. Going in and picking the eyes out of a commercial corpse is pretty disrespectful and distressing to the staff. They are retail workers the same as I was a retail worker and they have feelings too.

I still have a year and a bit to go on the Fujifilm camera and lenses I purchased from this shop, but the purchases were registered with Fujifilm Australia and they are sure to back up their warranty – they are on the side of the angels.

Sorry to see the shop go. I can think of a couple of probable reasons why this has happened, but I wish it had not – even though it was a shop that was in opposition to my former workplace. It had a magnificent showroom and there were other aspects of their building that I quite admired. I daresay another retailer of a different sort of product may find it ideal.


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