Occam’s Razor, Toothbrush, And Manicure Set

DSCF6731” Why am I reading this “, the little panel in Facebook asks…because you have work to do and you need something to allow to you avoid doing it – that is the whole premise of Facebook.

The reference to Occam’s Razor is a scientific mindset that tries to find an explanation for something from the simplest and most probable sources. It cuts to the bone…but frequently skitters off it and lodges in a blood vessel. Ask me about that some time.

In photography, Occam’s Aperture is the smallest that you have to go to get sufficient depth of field for the subject. Occam’s Shutter Speed is the slowest you can go to and still get an acceptable image. Occam’s ISO is the one just short of when it all goes to multi-coloured hell.

Occam avoided saying much about White balance as people kept moving his sliders when he went out of the room. Occam’s Sharpening is also a sensitive subject around the camera club rooms as not everyone believes that haloes are a sign of sanctity…particularly when they appear on council waste bins as well as people.

Unfortunately there are a great many photographers who think that the raft of control choices presented to them by digital cameras need to be responded to by a great many adjustments. Like novice flying-school students, they correct and over-correct their cameras and lose sight of the actual image as they press buttons. If they are further assaulted by advice from friends, mentors, and fellow club members they may never recover back to anything like visual normality. They might as well ask Mr. Occam for his Razor and draw it across their wrists.

A simple guide: The camera as it came out of the box is probably going to give you good results in 85% of the shots you do, without pressing anything other than the shutter button. If you have given in to expert advice and artistic sentiment and the result looks like cat sick, go to your camera instruction book and look for the section that tells you how to reset the camera to factory default. In a lot of cameras it is in the setup menu and it says ” reset “. You could do far worse…and sometimes you will.


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