Shutter Life – Kerboom…

LightningOr ” When does the whole thing fold up like a cheap paper umbrella?”

And I am not talking about the shutter in your camera – I saw last week that a service that stored people’s images for them on-line has ” shuttered ” the door – closed their business –  and the images that they stored are being sent to another firm… The other firm is offering people discount prices to see their own pictures.

If I had not read it on an extremely reliable website – DP Review – I would not have believed it. If I had read it on my own computer screen while searching for my pictures it would have been far worse.

It has further re-inforced me decision to keep the digital images I make on my own hard drive array, to use software that can be purchased outright, and to only commit messages and images to internet agencies that have no sensitivity. Not in-sensitive, you understand – I’m not in politics – but material that is not harmful if stolen or misused.

I do not mind having operatives of the federal government lurking behind the sofa in the living room – we’ve had ’em there since Senator McCarthy. I don’t mind Zukerberg/Gates/John Dillinger tracking my every move on the net and homing advertisements in on me. The comic book printers did that when I was 9 years old. But I do object to paying someone to hold my hat and then paying their dodgy mate to let me wear it again.


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