The Optical Striptease Dance – Photokina With Pasties On

Maya Fan Dance014I noted today that one of the German electronics manufacturers issued a teasing press release about a new camera flash. In it, they coyly hint that it is going to have certain features and then when questioned about their language say that all will be revealed at the Photokina trade fair in a few weeks time. Then the flash their breasts and dart behind a curtain. The drum goes Boom – Tish and the lights go out.

As a sales pitch it sort of stinks. Oh, it got some attention – a frenzy of anonymous contributors to a camera forum flooded the thing with arguments about what was said and unsaid and no-one really sounded happy. Of course this was a camera forum full of camera geeks and it would take an act of either Heaven or Congress to make them happy. What chance for a German flash firm?

It’s the same with many of the other makers. They are sending out hints – presumably to rev up interest for people going to see their stands in Köln – but the whole thing is rather pointless for all the rest of us out here in the wider world. We will read real reports from Germany on the day things are actually announced and in most cases the reportage will be done by independent journalists working for recognised websites like DP Review.

And I have to say that there is a much better chance that the manufacturer – Metz – will benefit more from their reports than from its own literature. I have instruction manuals for Metz equipment dating back to the 1970’s and they are very close to unreadable – indeed when Metz got into their SCA system and digital slave flashes the literature WAS indecipher-able…and that by people who admired the equipment, used it, and relied upon it. But to a man, we all learned how to operate it by painful trial and error rather than Metz instructions.

I have a horrible feeling the publicity department is still being run by the same writers…

Heading Image: The fabulous Chelsea Bunz flashing…



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  1. You really are loving your flashes! 🙂 And the controversy that surrounds!

    • I have promised myself that the next wedding I do will gain nation-wide prominence. It’s hard to achieve that with just artistry and professionalism. I’ve decided to go for controversy and notoriety. Either that or infamy. I explained it to my psychiatrist and he just curled up into a fetal ball and refused to move. His staff are grateful.

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