Delivery Day


Thursday was delivery day for the Fujifilm X-T2 from the camera shop I write for. I’ll be reviewing the camera myself next week if there are any left in stock, and yes, I realise how pretentious that all sounds. The device has been dissected by dozens of writers far more expert than me. But none of them are me, and they may not have addressed my own needs.

By that token. I may not be able to address the needs of others – certainly not with a short day’s loan of the body. Yet, there may be one small point missed by others that I can illuminate…and with that the whole exercise becomes valid. For who knows where else in the town another Fujifilm enthusiast has not sat pondering if the thing is for them based upon that very small question.

Each worker can contribute something. The big scientific boys with their MTF generators and cyclotrons can make learned papers with rows of decimals. The artists can go out and produce art. The street shooters can go out and avoid other people’s eyes while shooting fountains and trash dumpsters. Wedding photographers can take the new camera out and shoot until the bride and groom leave the reception and then they can pack up and go home.

Then we can all do it again when the X-T3 is released…



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